Mar 2007

First Annual Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Conference

The conference is sponsored by the South Florida Water Management District. The program includes:
an "Ask the Expert" plant clinic
"Water, Water Everywhere...But Not as Clean as it Used to Be"
"Lawns Can Work," Ask the Expert :"Africanized Bees, "Ask the Expert: Landscape BMP's"
"Creating our Florida-Friendly Landscape"
"A Case of Mistaken Identities (Alarming Cirtters and Plant Phenomena)"
"Water, Water Everywhere...Water, Water None to Spare"
"Under-utilised Native Plants"
"Extreme Makeover Story"
Mini Sessions with Master Gardners.

And, of course, some outstanding nature and fine art phographs.

Registration deadline is March 26.

Call 239-461-7526 for more information.